What Agreement Did God Make With Abraham

Hey, Martin. Thank you very much for this question; It`s a big one. You may notice that when we write the material, we write it down as if we were addressing religious children. This is done simply for reasons of clarity – it would be very confusing if we tried to write for incredulous children and for believing children, so we write from the point of view of giving biblical truth to believing children, or praying when a child trusts in Jesus. Therefore, by «Always faithful» (and with other similar elements in the material), I would encourage you to seize it as an opportunity to reposition the Gospel. Tell me that you are about to sing a song that speaks of God`s faithfulness to all, but that is especially true for people who trust In Christ – that we become the children of God. You could then pass the children through the Gospel: God`s plan for us, if you wanted to. It can also be a great time to talk about God`s love for all men and his special love for his children who trust in Jesus. I hope it helps some people. But the Abrahamic desire depended on God saying, «Live in my presence and be impeccable.» (Generation 17:1). Thus, if they are not blameless and live in the presence of God, the desire will not be fulfilled.

It is also mentioned in gene 15:1 that «Your salary will be very important.» It is a reward for them if they walk in the Lord. This is what the Jews did wrong in the time of Jesus. They felt that the desires were unconditional and that they were protected because they were the descendants of Abraham. They forgot that it was pastry, that they did their part to live in the presence of God and to be blameless. Now, with the new desirer, it is also conitional on the fact that ppl Jesus died for their sins and must repent. The death and revocation of Jesus removed the sin of the Ppl, which was caused by his failure to walk in a flawless manner: but only if they accept grace and choose it. Only then will they be saved. Abraham did not quarrel with God, he kept his side of the covenant and was willing to sacrifice Isaac. God prevented him from killing his son, but history remains a perfect example of the degree of obedience God expected.

And this finally brings us to the question: who are the heirs of the promises made to Abraham and his posterity? Who are the beneficiaries of Abraham`s blessing? In Genesis 17:4 God says: Behold, my covenant is with you, and you will become father of a multitude of nations. This seems to indicate that the seed of Abraham will not be limited to the Jewish nation.