Atlantic Cape Community College Transfer Agreements

These first-year students, who have offered admission through the DDP, begin their studies by entering a community college in New Jersey. After graduating from an arts associate or science associate at Community College, RFP participants are admitted to at least one college at Rutgers University, provided a cumulative average of 3.0 in a recommended transfer program has been achieved. Financial assistance plans are available for many students. Just fill in the FAFSA app when transmitting. As an NJ resident, you can save more than $10,000 a year full-time at Rutgers compared to what non-government students pay for teaching. All Rutgers University candidates are considered for performance awards. There is no separate application, but students who apply for education up to the priority date receive priority consideration for scholarships. Rutger`s scholarships. The Atlantic Cape – Stockton University Dual Degree Program (DDP) articulation agreement simplifies the transfer and admission process for students wishing to visit Stockton. The program is currently open to Atlantic Cape students who have not applied as first-year students at Stockton. The agreement also includes a «reverse transfer» function, which is intended to help Atlantic Cape alumni, who are now current Stockton students, transfer credits for the completion of an associate degree to Atlantic Cape. For any request, information or participation, please email Wendy Gray or call (609) 463-6786. NJ TRANSFER is a national initiative of the New Jersey Commission of Higher Education that can help you in the transfer process, including: Joint agreements are transfer partnerships between two and four colleges that allow the smooth transition of students from community schools to four years.

Atlantic Cape has transfer contracts with four-year colleges and universities that will help you get a bachelor`s degree. These agreements determine how the courses you take at Cape Atlantic will be evaluated on transfer credits when transferred to a participating institution. While Atlantic Cape graduates may visit colleges or universities in the United States, they may wish to take advantage of one of the articulation agreements below. For more information on the concrete agreement, you will find a school below. The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) allows students who have acquired university-level knowledge and skills outside of traditional post-secondary education to obtain up to 25 college credits for a university degree. These skills may include military training, employer training programs, union apprenticeships, professional certifications, licensing and independent education. The Technical Studies, Associate in Applied Science degree is unique in giving students an accelerated path to obtaining an associate`s degree. For information on marketing authorization and application, please contact the registration service at 609-343-5006 or Atlantic Cape Community College and stockton University have a partnership that helps our students move smoothly from our two-year university to a four-year bachelor`s degree. Stockton University at Atlantic Cape Program enhances existing agreements and offers more and more opportunities for students to obtain associate and bachelor`s degrees.

Through this program, Atlantic Cape graduates waived entry fees, scholarship authorization and junior status at Stockton with all Atlantic Cape Associates degrees. Students who enrol in this program can apply for accommodation in Stockton. These events are specifically aimed at students with an MPA of at least 2.0 or better who have graduated or who want to complete by the end of fall 2020 and change semesters for spring 2021. Students who expect them to graduate soon should register for their WebAdvisor accounts and apply for a degree (fee).